Review Policy

I am currently accepting review copies for blogging. All items should be sent to me inworld to satus9 resident. Kindly include a notecard with details information about your items, SURL, pricing, etc. There are several points you should know before sending items to me. Please read below:

  1. I only review and blog the following items categories: men clothing and accessories, gadgets, vehicles, furniture, and buildings. Please contact me before you send your items for the first time.
  2. Photography is a form of art. I enjoy taking great pictures that fit different scenes. I don’t blog in order to receive free stuff. Therefore, I only blog items that fit my tastes and interest me. Not all items you sent will be reviewed and blogged. I will choose the best one and feature them in my photo and blog. This doesn’t mean your items are not good enough. I am not here to judge or do the ratings on the products. Please understand this matter.
  3. Payment: you will not need to pay anything to get items blogged.
  4. Group joining: Due to limited in group space, I will only join Event Blogger Groups. I will not be able to join your private blogger groups. Please use subscriber machine or IM mailing list machine to send notices or your items.
  5. My blog and Teleport Hub are completely different. For Teleport Hub blogging requests, please use the submission form at the site. One of our bloggers will take care of things for you.
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For more information, please feel free to contact me at [email protected]