Can I Go Back If I Go Black?

Can I Go Back If I Go Black?

Can I Go Back If I Go Black?  – Recently, I received a pre-released version of the Keith mesh head from my favorite skin store AKERUKA. Keith mesh head gives you a nice looking African man. This is wonderful news for the black guys in Second Life. Keith mesh head is compatible with Classic Body, The Mesh Project Body, and Slink body. It also comes with two HUDs. One HUD is for controlling the head itself with stuff like changing hair base, turning on/off ears, changing the beards, and of course changing the skin tones. There will be 3 different skins tones available. Another HUD is for controlling expressions such as blinking eyes, talk, and 11 facial animations. Keith mesh head will be available @ Bombastic 2015 Event  on Dec. 06th, 2015


  1. [AKERUKA] Keith Mesh Head @ Bombastic 2015 Event on December 6th, 2015
  2. Gabriel – Johnny shirt / Ivory @ Shiny Shabby November 2015
  3. Gabriel – Deer horn necklace / silver @ Shiny Shabby November 2015
  4. LP – Headphones – Yellow – Arcade Gacha
  5. US Dollars Stack

Location: St. Pete City


Can I Go Back If I Go Black?

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